A Little Audio Feedback — Websites & Grades

I’ve gotten a barrage of emails with URLs for your websites the last several days. I have to say, I am very happy with most of the results. Some of you really did a great job organizing and communicating “your story” … I know my expectations seemed big for this little project, but most of you rose to the occasion and produced dynamite results.

As far as grades go, let me say that I will be looking at them all very critically in the next week or so. I don’t want any of you stressing over points here or there. I want you to be focused on finishing your problem solution and getting prepared for the final. I know who’s done what, who has been contributing, and what you have put into this class … grades are a means to an end … I am concerned with the things you take away from the class. I am hopeful that you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have and that you have a new found respect for the power of technology as a driving factor in your world … I am also hopeful that you get the whole process orientation we’ve been working on since day one … my favorite professor in college used to talk to us about the “Five P’s of Success: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance…” I know, a little corny, but he is so right. Click the link to listen to a little audio feedback from me–>

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  1. I personally believe I have learned alot that I didn’t have the great opportunity to experience before this class. I hope that I continue to use what I have learned as well as expand on it. Maybe I could us what I have learned to help decrease the growing gap between those that lack fair access to technology and those that technology is a way of life for. Thanks for the experience

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