Just poking around the web this morning waiting for College Football to get started and started to read about the concept of “Podcasting.” Its really just mp3 audio files done in radio show style that can be automatically moved to your portable mp3 player on the fly using a simple application. What is cool is that once you record your program, you can set it up to syndicate the material, ala RSS style, so applications can find the new posts and auto download them and dump to your mp3 device. What that means is that you can have a daily dose of audio content to listen to.

It started with a little article in Wired this morning that sort of brought it to life. I then went digging and found a couple of sites (1 & 2) that list podcast programming … finally I found a how-to article that really lays out how to set this whole thing up on a Mac. Really cool and it has me thinking about how we could use it in this class, at the Solutions Institute, or for the School of IST. My co-worker, Bart Pursel and I have been toying with the idea of a bi-weekly Internet radio show, SBL Live that would cover innovation and interesting daily news. If you’re interested, I’ll show you all our first show’s playlist. What I really think is cool is that it gives US the power to build our own media outlet … how can the FCC deal with this? Who’s rules do we play by in this world? If you think blogging is getting big, just wait … with the explosion of mp3 players, this could be the next big thing …

The questions I have for all of you are related to your usage … would you listen to podcasts? Would you produce them? Would you like it if some of your assignments were built around this new concept? Take a look at some of the links and let us all know what you think–>

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  1. At first when i read this post, i just thought that the idea seemed very… eh. But after i read the Wired article, i think that Podcasting is actually really cool. I would definitely listen to the Podcasts, especially if i found a Dj i liked and wouldn’t be able to listen to him at the time he was on, just like tivo. I think it would be interesting to make a Podcast. It’d kinda like making a top 5 in your profile.

  2. I’m not really all the fascinated by this idea — for several reasons. The first being that the radio is pretty bad as is, even indie stations and strictly online ones — i don’t want to listen to songs I don’t like, which is why i prefer just selecting the songs I want. I do enjoy AM radio from time to time, but the idea of it being pre-recorded, even if it’s only hours beforehand, just takes something away from it for me. Besides, they already make mp3 players with FM radio hookups, and i’m sure you could find an AM one if you looked hard enough.
    Also, just a question — but suppose somebody plays a song during one of these broadcasts — you then download it, for free i’m assuming. You pretty much have just downloaded that song, correct? Are you breaking a law in that way? I guess I don’t entirely understand the law there, but I’m pretty sure the law technically even states that you can’t record songs being played on the regular radio.. maybe i’m wrong there.

    Eh, who knows. This seems like a rather boring way to utilize this technology, but I’m sure it appeals to some people and it seems like it could be a springboard for bigger and better things in this way.

  3. I think that this sounds kind of weak. I don’t really understand how this is different then websites offering recorded radio shows in MP3 format on their websites. The only difference was it would automatically download it for you if you were a subscriber, but don’t you still have to physically hook up to a computer? I think that I would only use this Podcasting if a teacher made us do it for educational purposes. I agree with Ryan above however, I think that this technology could be used as a stepping stone for better future applications.

  4. It doesn’t sound that cool considering I don’t really listen to audio shows because prefer watching the show on a tv. And the radio does currently suck as is for the most part. I’ve found myself using the radio to listen for new stuff by the different musical artist that I know or don’t know but I discover them by listening to the radio every so often and then I by cds to bump loudly while driving or relaxing in my room. I guess I’d try it out but I don’t think it’d hold my attention long

  5. I liked the Wired article, but the whole idea just doesn’t appeal to me. I’m going to have to agree with my classmates, why listen to a pre-recorded radio broadcast, when you

    A) have AM/FM radio.
    B) can select from your own private collection of music.
    C) need to download it to your mobile device and just take up space.

    Idk… Just seems like a waste.

  6. Cool concept but I really don’t think it will be a big hit. I don’t think people would actually take the time to download new content. It would be neat if eventually the companies could just beam you the updated content…almost like a daily newspaper and you could just scroll through and listen to what wanted to! Too bad PDA are kind of fading out because this would be a great concept for them! I think the idea behind “Podcasting” will definitely evolve into something more useful, but I don’t think people are going to be too eager to download this type of media at first.

  7. I really don’t think the website is that beneficial. I don’t have an Ipod myself, but I don’t see why the website would really benefit the users. I agree with a lot of the statements in the previous posts.

  8. Let me see…I do agree with the majority. It seems alittle meaningless, more useless technology overall. It’ll be and out in no time. Maybe it’s aim is not for a younger audience though because I don’t think too many of us are that interested. So, would I listen? NO. Would I produce it? NO, again. Finally, would I like it if some of our assignments were built around this new concept? Possibly.

  9. I don’t like the concept of recording the radio program so is like make the ipod has a content to listen to. Since some mp3 player have a radio FM/AM channel to listen to. So I didn’t see the usefulness to recording the radio channel to the mp3.

  10. Podcasting sounds like a good idea. Right now though, it seems like there wouldn’t be interesting material to download and listen to. Once the idea becomes more mainstream and there is more content for a more diverse group of people, instead of just “techie” material, it will be a good idea. I would listen to podcasts. It would be good for people who commute and might miss programs during the day. The could listen will commuting in to work or going home for the day.
    If assignments were based on podcasting, it might be a new and intersting way to present material instead of reading it or through powerpoint.

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