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For the last 5 years or so, I’ve been a big user of computer mediated communication for teaching and learning purposes. I’ve always used a message board style discussion area … early on it was a homegrown, open source toolset — in the last couple of years its been ANGEL. I am trying to move away from that for a number of reasons — the number one being that my number one audience, my students, started demanding something different. So, for the first time, its going to be a blog. Take a look at the linked article and see what you think about this perspective on the big differences between the two.

Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say. See you tomorrow–>

15 thoughts on “Blog vs. Message Boards

  1. Both seem as though they would be beneficial to the classroom, but boards appear as though they would bring more to the table than blogs. For instance, boards give a broader look at the group whereas a blog gives more information about a single person’s thoughts. In a classroom setting it would be better to reflect the group as a whole than an individual’s thoughts. Plus, boards are generally more topical and require replies to generate discussion. This will cause students to actively think and reply accordingly instead of simply reading someone’s thoughts and doing nothing further. The one problem with boards would definately have to be the pollution control; however, this is not a concern in the classroom setting because the only users would be students and there should not be a need to spam or flame someone. All in all, I feel as though the board is the better classroom tool, whereas the blog seems to be more of an individual tool.

    Although, it would make sense for the instructor to have their own personal blog (given their status over the students) and a board for the students to discuss on. Giving each student their own blog space seems trivial because not all students will visit the other students’ blogs, which would result in less information being transferred within the class.

  2. Mainly weblogs are geared to a user with specific qualifications and interests. The information in the weblog is going to be organized and about a topic or atleast something relating to that topic. Message boards arn’t that organized and can be accessed by anyone on the web. Anything can be posted on a message board by anyone so the information you may want to look up may not even pertain to your particular topic that you would be searching for. They seem to be a waste of time and I think weblogs are going to end up taking over because people will begin to see the simplicity in joining/posting a weblog!

  3. That is not true, Message boards cannot be accessed by anyone on the web. Many are password protected, such as the ones that would be used on angel or for any another class.

  4. I don’t think most students would really care much about using blogs unless they were sort of required to for a certain course they were taking. I’d prefer to check a message board for informative updates that apply to the entire class than try to maintain a blog and check other peoples blogs. Depending on the subject I probably wouldn’t be interested enough to even comment.

  5. Blogs and Message boards seem to be about the same thing to me. It’s all about what the users make of it. The only difference I detect is that Blogs are more informative and personal. Message boards reply with feedback whereas weblogs don’t have to, correct? But are we not replying on this blog as if it were a message board? So are blogs originaed from message boards? I would think so but then again I’m no IST expert. If not…clarify for a sister.

  6. Message boards have been around for awhile so everyone is accustomed to using them so I think it’s a good idea to try something new. After reading the articles I have found a new look on blogging and it seems like the classroom environment is converting from message boards to blogging. We should try them out and if it people don’t like them we can always go back to the message boards.

  7. My experience with message boards and blogs is at a minumum, but I’ve always appreciated getting valuable help and information from message boards. I believe the Blog will increase communication within the class, where as the message board may not do the same.

  8. I am extremely new to both the message board and blogging. From reading the article and other student’s comments, I feel that both are beneficial depending on what groups are being targeted. I think for a classroom setting, the message board might make more sense. A message board will keep students up-to-date on upcoming assignments. It will also give them a chance to comment on related issues and material.

  9. As a student, I think that iPods are a great idea. After reading the article, I feel like they really could have some good uses. I think its really cool how they have lessons and whatnot on those things. I think that they have the potential to make kids more excited about learning and coming to class if administrations were tailoring programs toward these machines. But realistically, its kind of a joke, I mean most of us would just pile on all the songs that we could and use them for that. But hey if I went to Duke and I was shelling out 40 G’s a year, you better give me a damn iPod.

  10. Ive had a pretty extensive exposure to Message boards and this summer I had a bit of exposure to blogs through an internship opportunity. I think that message boards are my personal preference. Ive posted on message boards in sports forums, video game forums, academic forums, etc. Perhaps I like them more because I like the way in which they are laid out, but I feel like message boards are just a little more engaging for some reason. Im sure that this semester Ill get plenty of exposure to blogs and perhaps that will change my mind. I feel like blogs and message boards are fairly similar and that because I enjoy, visually, the way message boards are laid out, I prefer them.

  11. I’ve been using message boards for Angel for some time now. I’ve gotten pretty used to them. I hate to say it, but blogs and the message boards in Angel seem to be the same to me. I don’t claim that blogs and message boards aren’t helpful in the classroom, but I fail to see the difference thus far between them.

  12. Message Boards have been around for a while and I just now heard of blogs. I think blogs can be benefical, almost like a online journal type of thing. I’ve found that atleast for me, message boards do work…but I guess we’ll see what blogs can do too.

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