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Welcome to the blog space for IST 110: Introduction to Information Sciences and Technology. Throughout the semester I’ll be posting things here that I’d like you all to read and comment on. This may end up being a big part of your participation score.

I am really interested in how all this will work this semester. I am actually toying with the idea of using this same space everytime I teach 110 and see how it works over the long haul. ANGEL doesn’t really allow me to connect multiple semesters’ worth of thinking, posts, and discussion. This may give me a chance to do just that. I will also be cross posting in my real blog space, Learning & Innovation, so take a look over there as well.

The links in the sidebar will get you to some of my other sites and other resources … please explore and comment on that as well. Looking forward to it–>

2 thoughts on “Welcome to 110

  1. Sounds very interesting and exciting. Would you suggest the students also read comments made by other students? But this could possibly cloud some initial ideas or maybe provide some sort of clarification.

  2. I suggest skimming through as many comments as you can. It is always good to get many perspectives on an area of interest, especially if you are just beginning to gain knowledge in that area. Also, this discussion space is an excellent way to test and clarify your understanding of things. The very act of writing down your ideas solidifies them and helps you gain a sense of understanding. Writing is a way of thinking.

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