Keynote: 10/8/2010: Stevenson University

I have been invited back to Stevenson University to deliver another keynote address. This will be for the first annual Faculty Development Conference for Colleges and Universities in the Central Maryland Area. I absolutely loved my last trip to Stevenson and cannot wait to see some old friends and make new ones.

Keynote: 9/14/2010: Marywood University

I have been invited to present a keynote talk at Marywood University to talk about bridging the gap between in and out of school literacy. It will be interesting talking to folks about how the role of digital expression in building continuity between school and personal lives online. I am very much looking forward to […]

Keynote: 8/17/2010: Quaker Valley

I will once again be heading to western PA to address parents, faculty, and students at the Quaker Valley School District. We'll spend our time talking about the role of creativity and innovative thought as it relates to teaching with technology. I always have a blast with my friends from QV.

Hacking Pedagogy

Christoper Long and I were invited to be part of this year’s Learning Design Summer Camp at Penn State. The presentation topic that was proposed to us was strong in and of itself, but when we got together to really flesh it out we thought we would try something that modeled the ideas we really […]


I find myself obsessed with the notion of workflow these days. The word comes up so often in my day to day conversations that I am starting wonder about myself. I am obsessed with workflow because thinking about the steps it takes to do simple tasks can save countless amounts of time throughout the day. […]