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More Twitter Stuff

By now if you’ve either shown up here at the blog or talked to me you know I am nearly consumed by Twitter. Not in a way that is destructive, but in a “I wonder how this thing can do good, not evil” sort of way. Yesterday morning I tried something new … For some […]

My New Course Design … Come on In

So I’ve been writing about designing a course in the open over the last few weeks … well, I have actually been designing a new residentcourse that I hope to next Fall. I didn’t do it in a wiki, but did use Drupal 5 to post the initial design. It isn’t 100% complete, but the […]

Design in a Wiki

I have been thinking lately about how we use wikis for all sorts of document and collaborative design. Back in the day when I was regularly involved in first designing and then managing the design of eLearning courses we used our own custom solutions for storing content and managing teamwork. The big tool we used […]

The META Blog

I am getting really excited about the potential for our PSU Blog Project … just last week we made some significant progress that I am hoping will lead us to the potential of a pilot for the Spring — maybe a specialized call for a series of Engagement Projects. What is great about that is […]

FaceBook in Class

My good friend Brian Smith is going to try something a little different this semester — coordinate his course via FaceBook instead of PSU’s CMS, ANGEL. I am very interested in how this is going to shake down. Brian says he’ll be posting his thoughts during the semester over at his site. This could be […]

Rip, Mix, Burn Classroom Podcasting …

I had posted last week about the idea of students taking ownership of the podcasting process in the classroom based on an article I came across.  I had mentioned it was an intersting twist of fate that they would be the ones not only recording, but editing, posting, and distributing the lectures that way.  This […]

Simple Twist of Fate

Not the Dylan rendition of the song of by that title, but a pointer to an interesting read over at the Edupodder blog, “Revolution from the edge: students posting class recordings“. Going into the whole Podcasting for Penn State, we never really thought the content would be posted by students. It only makes sense as […]

Common Sense

In a quick read of one of my new favorites, Fred Stutzman lays out some common sense advice for students’ use of the FaceBook. Just a good read — and if you are teaching in a place where students are using the FB, send them this link.