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On Having Fun

Let me start by saying that work has not been all that much fun lately. And that is a terrible thing for someone to post on the Internet for the whole planet to see … I say that fully knowing that no more than say 100 people will actually take the time to read at […]



I just recently traded my small SUV in for a very nice used VW Passat Wagon TDI. I did it for lots of reasons, but the primary one was mileage. I wanted something that was more economical to drive than my old vehicle, but I also wanted it to be fun and functional. The Passat is all that.

Running on Faith

I’m breaking a CogDog rule that states one should not blog about (not) blogging here in this post because I have been a mess at writing for the last month or so. I’m not sure what it is — perhaps the TLT Symposium, followed by reading and submitting all the staff review and development plans […]

The End of the Line

For 2008, that is. I don’t have the mental energy or attention span to address the great comments from the Community Question on Identity from before the holiday break — rest assured I’ll get to it as the new year rings in. For now I think it is fair to say that I am enjoying […]

Writing Under My Own Name

After several years blogging at my Camplese Group URL I decided to take the plunge and make a change.  I no longer do work under the C Group name, so I thought it was time to make the move.  So far it looks like everything is working here at my new host!  A big thank […]

Supplemental Activity

So after my post the other day where I was lamenting the lack of opportunities I see for engagement in the school system I got a handful of comments telling me the same thing — “take matters into your own hands.” Good advice and it really got me thinking about some things. My wife and […]


Last week I went to beautiful Bedford Springs, PA to speak to Superintendents from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit … it was both intimidating and exciting. I am always a little nervous speaking to K-12 educators because I always make the mistake of thinking our worlds are so different. It was exciting because I always end […]

Getting Away and Coming Home

I’m not sure this is worthy of my One Post a Day goals I laid out a while back … I’ve been pretty quiet for the last few days because I have been traveling. As a matter of fact, I am typing this post in the San Francisco Airport. I’ve been in Medford, Oregon since […]