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My Dashboard Widget (Sort of …)

Like most Mac users who’ve made the switch to 10.4 I use Dashboard. I’ve thought about looking at how to create one, but never really had the time … Over the break I’ve been thinking about ripping Apple’s sample Widget code apart to learn how to do it … this morning I grabbed their sample […]

Roaming Rates Could Apply

I am actually typing from somewhere above the western part of PA, central Ohio, or maybe eastern Indiana. I spent probably the shittiest three and a half hours wandering the Philly Airport trying to figure out what gate my continuously delayed flight was to leave from. Was it F17, F37, F27, or as it turns […]

Easy Podcasting … Finally

It looks like companies are really starting to get the hint — people want to podcast. Although it is still a little tough to get the software side of it setup (if you really want to produce something with multiple inputs), the hardware end is getting a reall boost lately. Some time ago, I got […]

Blogging from Dashboard

I just found the coolest little Dashboard Widget, WordPressDash. This little thing lets you post right from the Dashboard under Tiger. Very cool and could have some interesting potential. The more I look at the selection of widgets the more I am struck by the potential uses for them. If only Apple could end up […]

Some Good News for WVU

This has nothing at all to do with learning or innovation … just read that Kevin Pittsnogle is going back to college! Ok, you may be wondering who in the hell is Pittsnogle? Well, he’s the 7 foot center from WVU who knocks down 3 pointers like they’re layups. He was a key in leading […]

Adobe is Buying Macromedia!

Yikes, that’s big news … Adobe is dropping 3.4 billion on buying our favorite authoring apps company! I guess if you can’t beat them, buy them. It will be very interesting to see how all this shakes down, but this could be great, or not so great. I am sitting here wondering how this is […]

This is Starting to Scare Me …

Twice this morning I’ve read two seperate entries about people considering “unswitching” … scares me as I’ve watched Apple climb out of the nightmare that was OS 7.5.x, to the whole Copeland thing, to OS 9 where things worked (sort of), to ultimately OS X and the smooth experience we have today. It seems people […]

B2 Evolution … Multi Blogger Solution?

As I’ve noted before, we are looking for multi user blogging systems … I’ve gotten b2 evolution running and so far seems like a great solution. It has some really nice features, but I haven’t heard too much about it from the community. There are lots of people looking at these types of systems and […]