Web Apps and an iPhone Site

Web Apps and an iPhone Site

At Apple’s WWDC, Steve Jobs the crowd of developers that to build apps for the iPhone they could use standard web 2.0 technologies — I understood a lot of people were disappointed, but as a former Treo user, I like the fact that I can’t download a bunch of unstable applications to my perfectly running device. I am however very interested in seeing what apps are written that take advantage of the Safari browser on the iPhone.

This morning I read of a new site Apple is offering to browse their extensive movie trailer site. I know it isn’t really an app, but it is one of the first iPhone specifc site I have seen thus far. If you go there with your iPhone you get access to the same content on Apple’s standard trailer site … if you go there with a browser, you get bumped to the traditional URL.

Apple’s iPhone Movie Trailer Site: http://apple.com/trailers/iphone

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