No, I haven’t switched … yet … I have been playing around with some of my plugins and features the last day or two here at my blog … really just becasue I have been watching D’Arcy make the big switch. It is interesting to watch his move and see what he has been using to make his blogging experiences so good (other than his killer content). Today I started using the photo-album plugin to give me a Flickr post space in my WP write panel. Works nicely. Just to test it out, I clicked on a thumbnail of the picture below in the Write section and it autoinserted it … it is a picture of my little lady in the shadows …

Maddie's Shadow

Either way, things will be a little crazy around here for a couple of days as I work up a new design with some new features.

I like the Internet. A lot.

3 Thoughts on “Taking Another Look at WP …”

  • Yeah. The Flickr integration is one of the things I’m really missing from my WP version of the blog. It was sooooo easy to just click on a Flickr photo and have it inserted automagically.

    If I can’t find a Drupal-native solution (that works on my Dreamhost server), I’ll be spending much more time blogging from Flock. Who am I kidding? I’ll be blogging from Flock anyway 🙂

  • We have a Flickr thing working on our Intranet inside Drupal that is almost as slick as the WP one. If I remember I’ll get that link to you tomorrow … BTW, what do you think of the three column thing?

  • I’m liking the theme. unsure about the extra stuff though… was going the other way at my place, toward a more minimal presentation. Not sure which is more usable – one’s got everything handy, the other is more task-oriented. hmm…

    The Drupal Flickr module works great on my staging copy on my Tibook, but barfs on Dreamhost because they’ve disabled some PHP commands for security reasons. I should be able to patch/port the module to fix that though…

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