I Hate These Posts …

These damn, “where have you been” posts that I throw up everytime I come back from an extended time away from the technology world piss me off … they bother me only because they aren’t really posts of value — they are simply these little statements that try to explain why I haven’t posted anything here in a couple weeks … I haven’t had the time, the ideas, or the inspiration to be active. Too many projects, too many travels (State College, Bloomsburg, Philadelphia, NYC, Bloomsburg all in three days), and too little inspiration has me waiting one more day. I’ve been out of the office which means tomorrow is a total nightmare — plenty of meetings that might provide a little mojo.

I do actually have a lot to talk about, but I am trying like hell not to talk about the things on my mind. Things have been tough lately and I don’t really want to air it out here. I promise that I will get my shit together tomorrow and restart my blogging engine. For now, its off for some wine and a little dinner. Talk to you tomorrow — I promise.

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